Raising awareness about the importance of home movies to historical societies and promoting his new movie film archiving business in Cape Coral; owner of Christopher Specht makes an 80 year old newspaper front page “jump to life” with home movies of the 1941 “Edison Day Parade” taken by Fort Myers Resident and famed organist Billy Nalle. The films were donated to the Southwest Florida Historical Society a few years ago and has been digitizing them in amazing 4K+ resolution.

Specht said “It was an amazing stroke of luck that Mr. Nalle and the Fort Myers News Press photographer were standing only feet apart from each other in order to capture such similar shots in both still and motion media…and marry them together….” (Clip: )

Local Businesses, Sarasota, Fort Myers Beach, WFTM (Now WINK) Sears and others had floats in the parade. (Full Parade Clip: )


Specht goes on to say “People don’t realize what a historical importance their old home movies have to communities, museums and historical societies. – It’s an unrehearsed window into Americana past and if we don’t preserve it now – It will be lost forever.  What’s even more amazing and distressing is that in a town where the inventor of the Kinograph (Movie) lived… (Thomas A. Edison)… and a population currently around 770,000 residents… only one family has donated films to the Southwest Florida Historical Society … The Nalle Films …consisting of a little over 40 rolls of 8mm film.   Museum Of History.”


The Full 200ft roll including images from Lookout Mtn. TN, Fort Myers Deep sea fishing, Silver Springs, and more can be seen by following this link:



Christopher Specht