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Here at Archive16.com we specialize in the high quality transfer of 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm and 16mm sound movies. All with True 4K + Captures rendered in 4K, maximum depth, maximum quality and at a set bitrate of 80Mbs - All Transfers are done on sprocket less machinery and all captures are true 4k scans (No video technology) - Our images files are of such high quality standards that both some of our films and digitizing work is part of the permanent collection of multiple museums - Including a SMITHSONIAN ASSOCIATE MUSEUM, among other museums nationally and internationally. Not to mention local historical societies and numerous "Home Collections" We can even provide files suitable for archiving and editing. We are a small business that focuses on QUALITY ! Feel free to contact Archive16.com at +1-239-299-8500 We are happy to help.

We really are the best for detail

NOBODY IN CAPE CORAL & LEE COUNTY   ...or almost anywhere; for that matter scans and transfers old films in the depth and detail that we do! - Don't fall for the "Smoke and mirrors" that local shops and national companies will try to fool you with - Be specific with this question... "What resolution do you use for your actual captures"?  You will be amazed at how many when you really drill down ... will tell you SD or HD - At Archive16.com we can scan and render in 4K